Opportunity for Intellectual Property Assessment

by Josh Bueller

It's great to see so many people getting interested in the club and the various initiatives that we're pursuing with the Colorado Initiative for Molecular Biotechnology (CIMB), Leeds Business School & Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, and Industry. It's safe to say that our future looks pretty bright.

Besides the seminar series, I'd like to bring up another opportunity for our members.  One of the reasons that this club was formed was to assess the technical and market feasibility of the exciting ideas and technologies that we think up ourselves or hear about in our everyday work and research.  Along these lines, there are some interesting ideas that other universities have developed to provide access to faculty innovations through the unlicensed intellectual property of their universities.  See this relevant article from the University of Rochester for instance:


While I think that a Master's / certificate program is an interesting idea for the future (see article), it would be pretty darn exciting if interested members of this club would team up and develop some of their own ideas or look at some of the unlicensed technology that CU has in the Technology Transfer Office. Formed teams could present their analysis and subsequent business plan at national Biotech business plan competitions or right here at the CU New Venture Challenge (CUNVC) Business plan competition. You can get access to the portfolio of CU inventions here:


I happen to work here at the CU TTO and I can tell you there is a wealth of  technology, some of which has a lot of potential. Currently, you can only get access to non-confidential information on the website.  If a provisional patent has been filed, you can usually find an associated academic publication on pubmed by searching by inventor's name.  Hopefully, there will be more formal mechanism for our members to analyze CU technology in the future though a Market Assessment Program (MAP).